My name is A. Jones,

I am19 years old. I started to suffer from acne since I was16. I tried different products, such as Murad, Neutrogena, Pro-Active and other over the counter different products from the pharmacy.

My acne problems became more and more pronounced. It was not only small pimples…I had visible scurrying and pain; I was really down and stressed. I was ready to start more powerful pharmaceutical treatments when one day, helping my parents in the grocery store I met a women who told me about their new products to treat acne and she proposed me to try a new acne treatment. It was CRC Acne line, a new approach for acneic skin, she said. It was easy to use, only two products and I decided to try.

It took me 2 weeks to see the first signs of improvement. I couldn’t believe that something was actually working, without using any prescription drugs. But it took another 5.5 months until I cleaned my skin. What is also great about this line, it not only helped me with my acne problems, it also totally changed the texture of my skin. Oiliness decreased dramatically, pores shrinked. I am still using this product to keep my acne under control, but I feel much better about myself and I am very grateful for to CRC company who created this line for people like me.

Thank you CRC

E. Serebryany

"My daughter is fifteen years old and as most teenagers she has acne. I was taking her to do facials for the past two years but it did not help. When she started using CRC Acne Mask Cleanser and Acne Cream I saw a tremendous change almost immediately. I would highly recommend the product."

Karo Oskanian,

From Las Vegas, Nevada. 18 years old, suffering from moderate acne.
" It is amazing: just in two weeks my acneic condition just vanished; now I can even shave every day without bleeding..."

Lena Dadoyan,

From Claremont, California. Condition: Adult, cosmetics induced acne." I have very oily skin; using only the Cleanser Mask for two weeks, twice a day, controlled my oily skin so efficiently that I have to reduce usage to once daily only....